Learn how Morph works in this 5-step tutorial.

What is Morph Finance?

Morph Coin (MORC) is an experimental algo stablecoin that balances inflationary growth with DeFi product-derived value. Trackers (MORT) are used to strengthen the ecosystem.

Earn in the Farms or the Reoptimizer

Earn MORT by providing DAI (◈) liquidity in the no-lock Farms. Be on the lookout for which farm has better yields. You can also earn MORC by staking MORT in the Reoptimizer.

Swap Your Liquidity for Better Yields

Unstake any supported external liquidity pool tokens and then change them into MORC or MORT farm-ready tokens with a single transaction in the Zapper -- for half the gas.

Inflation & Deflation is Calibrated

10% new MORC is minted every 8 hours when it's > ◈ 1 and drip rewarded in the Reoptimizer. When < ◈ 1, a sell tax is applied with a portion burned and the rest going to the Reoptimizer.

Utility Facilitates Stability

Upcoming DeFi products (e.g., DEX, insurance, lending, etc.) are built on top of Morph Finance to provide MORC with a utility case, thereby counteracting the algorithmic inflation.

Coin (MORC) ? circulating


Tracker (MORT) ? circulating


Reoptimizer Epoch One epoch every ?

Next epoch in: 0:00:00

Farms Stake Uniswap Liquidity Pool tokens and earn Morph Trackers

MORC-DAI UNI-LP MORT Reward Rates Staked $? Daily Yield ?% Annual Yield ?%
MORT-DAI UNI-LP MORT Reward Rates Staked $? Daily Yield ?% Annual Yield ?%